I am a photographic artist, recently returned to Adelaide from Sydney.

I have spent some time volunteering in the East Kimberley and North East Arnhem land. It was through these experiences, against the backdrop of boabs and stringy barks, that led me to a finer appreciation of my own connection with nature and the land. There is peace in the stillness of being and those infinitesimal nuances that exist in nature.

My inspiration comes from the natural world. I take comfort in escaping the rush, trading in the bright city lights for the night sky. I look to the remote wilderness of the Australian landscape – the strength of the rock, the swell of a tumultuous sea, the resurgence of the sun. It is when aesthetic beauty is surpassed by an ancient wisdom and honesty, where I feel most inspired and renewed.

I take photographs because it is a part of who I am. Capturing an image brings me a little closer to finding a place of calm that uplifts and invigorates me.