- Tintern Abbey -


We didn’t have much bad weather for most of our time  in Wales. But, on this day we woke to grey skies and the cold. It’s almost like the weather knew it was our last real day for sight seeing and wanted to spoil it. We weren’t to be deterred though as we donned our beanies and jackets for the day ahead. 

It was a dark cold day as the sun hid behind dense clouds. Despite the conditions, Tintern Abbey was a site to behold. The ruins are architecturally beautiful with its columns and gothic arches. However on this particular day, any and all light was absorbed by the stone making it difficult to photograph without a tripod.

We strolled amongst the ruins, taking in the countryside. I was in awe of the cathedral like columns and detail. I felt very small standing amongst the ruins.

To warm up we ducked in to the cafe, The White Monk for a takeaway tea. Takeaway teas and bacon baps, before heading off to see Nana Mary. Whilst waiting, Phil discovered traditional welsh cook books and bought them for my mum. I think he hopes that she will spoil him with delicious welsh delicacies that remind him of home.

- Australians LOVE Old Buildings -

During the planning phase of our trip, I had mentioned to Phil that I was keen on seeing old castles and ruins from the past.  Phil’s friend claimed that “Australians love old sh!t” when he mentioned the itinerary to them. I’m not sure if that is actually the case, but I do have an interest in old castles and ruins. There is something almost mythical about them.

Our first castle, one of many old sites to come, was Cardiff Castle. It was a most beautiful castle with lots of lovely detail, and they still kept the art of falconry alive. We also saw squirrels! Yes, I am excited by squirrels… cute furry little grey critters frolicking around in the autumn leaves hunting out nuts.