- We are Here! -


That’s me on the right looking tired after getting to Abu Dhabi; and, that is Phil (my fiancé... yep you heard right! I got engaged in July 2018. Woohoo! It was a milestone year) sitting on the plane just before we depart for the final leg of our journey. Actually that’s not quite true. Once we arrive in Heathrow, we still had another 2-3 hours of travel left to arrive in Wales.

So after almost 26 hours of travelling and transit, we arrived in Heathrow airport! Yay! So happy to have finally arrived and stretch the weary legs.  Unshowered and showing signs of fatigue, we made our way through International arrivals, where we were met by my fiancé’s mum and sister - not the most glamorous first time meeting of my future in-laws but their warm reception instantly made me feel welcome.