Today we took a tour of Glenside’s Z Ward - home to South Australia’s “criminally insane”, patients who sat on the overlapping edges of criminality and mental illness. Completed in 1886 and eventually decommissioned in 1973.  Later reopened, after an outpouring of community support in 2014.

Historically it was said to house the criminally insane - in particular: murderers, rapists and those with severe mental health issues. The ward catered for up to 40 patients at a time and when it closed in 1973, inmates were relocated to other jails around the state. 

There is mystery around whether or not the site is haunted. Night ghost tours are done on a regular basis and there is a barrage of information around paranormal activity. Whether you believe it or not, it was a truly creepy experience, especially when your partner tries to lock you in one of the bathrooms!