I recently had the pleasure of being invited to be a part of a group exhibition at a boutique gallery in Woolloomooloo, called 220 | Creative Space and Gallery.

The exhibition was based around the concept of Land & Sea. It was, "An exhibition that endeavours to fascinate and showcase the creative mindsets of artists as they entwine into the mirage of land and sea.

They mark make and create images that we are drawn to by simplicity and complexity, by luminous light and liquid form, by weight of object and the tangible and not so tangible."

I had six pieces in the show, along side 8 other talented artists. The work I exhibited was from a darker, more sombre period and demonstrated that the beauty that surrounds us surpasses the aesthetic.

Land & Sea made its debut with an opening night that flew by in a flurry of people and drinks and from all accounts it was a huge success, with over 140 people passing through the doors in only two hours.

The gallery exhibited our work for the week and it was great to see a variety of people come through its doors - some photographers, industry professionals and the general public. It was great to be a part of, now I just need to start working on some new pieces!